NM Insurance Fraud Report

 Liability of the Reporting Person


NMSA 1978, 59A-16C-7 (1998) (The New Mexico Insurance Fraud Act) states in part that a person shall not be subject to liability by virtue of reporting or furnishing, orally or in writing, information concerning suspected, anticipated or completed insurance fraud acts, except when the person intentionally communicates false information he actually believes to be false, when the report or information is provided to the Superintendent or Insurance Division or agents or employees, any law enforcement agency, anti-fraud unit of an insurer, or any other organization established to detect and prevent insurance fraud.

Please complete this form to the best of your ability. When we receive your complaint, we will review the information to determine what action may be taken. There are four potential courses of action. Your case may be:

Accepted for additional investigation or prosecution;

Referred to another agency;

Closed due to the non-prosecutable nature; or

Placed into a pending evaluation process until additional information can be obtained from you or other sources.

The more information you can provide, the sooner the determination.